Stylo Culture tends to tread on the path of caution. That is why we have an updated and friendly privacy policy. It is just a legal framework and a statement that discloses how Style Culture uses, discloses, and manages the data we gain from our readers. We believe that our readers have a right to know what identifiable information is being collected, how it is being collected, and for what purpose is it being collected. We also believe in complete transparency from us to you, to gain your trust and make sure you do not have any kinds of complaints from us, now or in the future. To do this, we notify you of what you can do with the information we provide to you, and how you can collect it, distribute it and use it. Stylo Culture also alerts you on the ways to rectify any inaccurate information, and the kind of security procedures that we follow to protect you from any kind of loss or misuse of any information that you have shared.

Feel free to contact Stylo Culture at [email protected] in case you have any queries regarding the privacy policy. We, at Stylo Culture, fully understand the importance of privacy and we respect yours like it is our own. Stylo Culture is the only possessor of all the personal information that we accumulate and we do not share it with any third party. The data Stylo Culture collects includes your name, addresses, and contact information. At the time of payment, Stylo Culture does collect your credit card credentials but only the last four digits of your credit card are saved on Stylo Culture’s server. This information is forwarded to’s secure and safe server where it is protected. Our collection of information is done through a secure server so we can assure you that there is no chance of the information falling into the hands of someone else. This is because of our updated encryption technology which is extremely reliable and trustworthy. Stylo Culture also ensures privacy by carrying out the pre-printing procedure of all the shipping dockets in our offices which guarantees that none of your personal information can be used by the courier companies delivering our products to our customers.

As for additional emails, Stylo Culture will never receive send them, unless you sign up to receive updates or if there is some problem with the order. You can also decide to discontinue receiving updates if you have initially said yes to it, simply by requesting us via email at [email protected]. You can also choose to update and change your personal information by sending us an email at [email protected]. Stylo Culture will update you about any changes to our privacy policy via email and all the changes will be updated on our website, as well.

During your shopping experience with Stylo Culture, we use cookies to keep in touch with all the items that you have placed in the cart. Cookies are files that track your activity on Stylo Culture and that helps us link you with the specific products that you end up adding on your cart. If you decide to browse without enabling cookies, you cannot shop on Stylo Culture as our system will not be able to link you to items of your preference. You could browse on Stylo Culture without enabling cookies and could place your order via telephone. However, we recommend that you turn your cookies on for a much more pleasurable experience while shopping on Stylo Culture.

Stylo Culture does not knowingly collect any personal information from children. We are very strict regarding the rights of children and are against children’s exploitation.